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Lincoln Douglas 辩论队 Public Forum 辩论队
Lincoln_Douglass_Debate_2019 Public_Forum_Debate_2019
 Congressional 辩论队



The 辩论队 is an award-winning competitive program on the local and national circuit. It practices weekly and competes during a season that lasts from mid-September through mid-March, and sometimes longer for top varsity debaters.


  • The team has never come home from the following competitions without hardware: Harvard Invitational, Newman Invitational (New Orleans), Dowling Catholic Paradigm
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate 2016 IHAS State champion, Congressional Debate 2016 IHSA runner-up.
  • 2016 top qualifier for Northern Illinois in Lincoln-Douglas Debate; qualifier in Congressional Debate.


比赛 include frequent local ones with both public and private schools, and separate national circuit competitions. We are members of the Illinois Congressional Debate Association, the Chicago Catholic Forensic League and the Illinois High School Association. Each separate team, Congress, Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum, competes roughly twice a month locally during the season.